Make the Impossible Possible!

"I believe that we all have a huge potential within us. To realize that potential is our birthright, our mission and our responsibility" - Coach Faye


 I believe in the vastness of human potential.

I believe that talent is over-rated.

Potential is like the part of an iceberg that is 90% hidden beneath the water surface. I believe that talent is like the 10% that's sticking out above the water. I believe that the culture way over-rates the talent, and then we fall into that belief that some of us have it and some of us don't. And then we don't follow our dreams and our desires and our heart to do what we love because someone at some point said that "you don't have the talent"!

The truth is, we ALL have this potential deep within us!

When I was six years old and I was a skater in Russia, I was told that I was fat, and stupid, and lazy. And they kicked me out! They kicked me out from the skating academy because I wasn't "good enough". And I believed that it was the truth! I really did believe that I didn't have what it takes, that I didn't have the talent within me like other people had...

Until one day another coach showed up in my life. She looked at me and said: "You're the most beautiful skater I've ever seen. I would love to coach you. Would you like to be my student?" She became my coach. And I tried my ABSOLUTE BEST to show her that it was true, what she saw within me!

...And soon I was standing on the top of the podium and I became a state champion! Me, "stupid, fat, untalented" kid! I was standing on the top of the podium. It changed my life. It changed my life because I realized that it wasn't the truth, what other people were telling me!

And that became my mission and purpose in life to show others what is within them, that it doesn't matter what someone "told you"! Because there is something else within us, and it's up to us to bring that out!

And when I became a skating coach, there were coaches who could produce champions after champions, after champions. And that got me thinking: "Wait a second. If that one coach can make champion after champion, after champion, then that means it's not the talent within the athlete. It means that everyone has something within them.

And so I wanted to become that coach that can produce champions consistently. I could see that there was a method, a special training, and there was something that a coach could do to unleash that potential within their athletes, within their students, within their clients.

I've dedicated 25 years of my life to learn the tools, to create the tools and methodology to unleash the potential within my clients, my students, my athletes, the skaters. And in 2006 I coached an Olympic Silver Medalist. 

I know that EVERY single one of you has something within you that you are meant to bring out! Just like a seed of a sequoia tree has the potential within it. And of course if we don't nurture that, it's not going to grow. 

But I want you to know that you have that seed within you, even if no one can see it! And I want you to know that together we can bring it out! I know that we can do that together, and it is our mission, purpose and responsibility in life! It is our birthright. This is how we change the world. because when we get to live to the fullest potential within us, guess what? We're giving the permission to other people to do the same.

I invite you: let's go for it! Let's change the world together: YOU and me! 


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